TalentLink ATS

A number of recruiters that advertise on WMJobs utilise the TalentLink ATS that is supported by the WMJobs Service Team.

The FAQs on this page only apply to the following organisations:

City of Wolverhampton Council
Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council
Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
Telford & Wrekin Council
East Staffordshire Borough Council

Lichfield District Council
Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council
Worcester City Council
Wychavon District Council
Wyre Forest District Council
Bromsgrove & Redditch Councils

Hereford & Worcester Fire & Rescue Service
Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service
West Midlands Combined Authority
Wolverhampton University Multi Academy Trust
Wolverhampton Homes

City of Wolverhampton Council
Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council
Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
Telford & Wrekin Council
East Staffordshire Borough Council
Lichfield District Council
Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council
Worcester City Council
Wychavon District Council
Wyre Forest District Council
Bromsgrove & Redditch Councils
Hereford & Worcester Fire & Rescue Service
Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service
West Midlands Combined Authority
Wolverhampton University Multi Academy Trust
Wolverhampton Homes

I am applying for a job …

My application information has disappeared and displays an error message, what can I do?

Prior to contacting the WMJobs service centre please follow the steps below:

– Leave the application with the error as is
– start a fresh new application for the same role
– select the ‘re-use application’ option and the previously entered elements of your application should pull through
– if information has populated, continue to complete and submit
– if not please submit an enquiry to us, with as much information including print screens of the error message encountered.

I want to start an application but the 'apply' link will not let me go to the application form. What can I do?

Before you contact the WMJobs service centre please consider:

(a) When you have signed into your account, is your name showing where previously it showed ‘Jobseekers Sign in’ in the right hand area of the website? If it is not, navigate to that area and click on the drop down menu and choose ‘Your Account’. In this section enter your name details. Sign out of your account and Sign back in and see if this enables you to access the online application.

(b) Did you verify your account, by signing into your email address account and clicking on the verification link before you Signed into your account?

(c) Have you got a WMJobs account? This is created with an email address. Sometimes you may have used more than one email address to open an account and this creates a problem. Report this using our contact form.

How do I use the 'Re-use previous application' option?

When applying for a role on the website, at the top of the application form you will see the option ‘Re-use previous application’.

Once you select the ‘re-use’ option, you will be prompted to enter your email address to request an access code.

If you exist in the system an access code will be sent to you via email. This code then needs to be entered into the box in the application form, for your information to be pulled through.

Using this option will populate the application form you are completing with the details from your last submitted application – if you started to apply for a role but didn’t submit, the system will not retrieve this information.

If you have not previously submitted an application via your WMJobs account you will receive an email containing the following message: ‘Sorry, we were not able to find your previous application. You will need to manually complete the application form‘.

Please note that the retention period for application forms is 6 months – please bear this in mind when using this functionality.

Also, for equality and diversity purposes, several organisations who host the online application facility are using a functionality which encrypts your personal details when applying for a role. If you are applying for a new position and your last submitted application form is encrypted where your details have been hidden, the system will be unable to identify your application, and you will be unable to use the ‘re-use previous application’ button. To check for your latest submission, navigate to your Candidate Portal or check your emails for a copy of your last application. If your personal details have been removed, these fields will be identified as ‘Private Question’ and you will see a candidate number along the top margin of your application.  


The process for when 'Access Codes' are received

In order to continue with a saved application, re-use data from your previous application information or access your candidate profile there is a two-step process to follow;

  • The first is to access the required action by clicking on a link sent to you in an e-mail.
  • The second is to then enter the access code that will be sent to you after you have completed the first action.

The access codes are only valid for a certain time period and can only be used once.
If an incorrect access code is entered, the system will immediately send you another link so it is important you ensure you have the most recent link.

When entering the access code if you keep getting a message to say it is incorrect/invalid, we would recommend waiting a few minutes, deleting all the access code e-mails you have and then on the access code entry screen, request a new access code be sent to you. This will stop you getting stuck in a loop of using an invalid code.

Once an access code has been used/shown to be invalid please delete the e-mail that contained it.

How do I use the ‘Import data from my CV’ option?

With the new application form design, you can use this option to import data into your application form as a starting point. Once you click this option, you will be asked to browse your machine to find a suitable document to use as a CV. As CV formats differ, the results of the import can vary, meaning that information which sits on your CV will translate into a relevant field on your application form.

We would advise to use this option as a starting point if you haven’t applied for a role on the website before, otherwise use the ‘Re-use previous application’ option.

Be aware that if you have completed information in your application form already, using this option could override fields which you have already completed.

I want to apply for more than one job but the system will not let me do this

​The system will only let you apply for one vacancy at a time. You need to complete and submit one application before you can move onto the next. The reason is because the system saves your most recent information and for this to be accurate and efficient, we can only accept one application at a time.

In an application, what does the word count in characters mean for a text box?

Characters refers to bullet points, special characters, spacing and text. Please note that the Word count figure in Microsoft Word is a guide, so 4000 characters is approximately 1500 typed words with spacing and 700 characters is about 350 typed words and spacing.

Why won’t my file upload?

There are limitations to what types of files you can upload to an application form. The current accepted file formats are: jpg, xlsx, tiff, bmp, gif, rtf, png, wpd, docx, tif, pptx, txt, odg, sxw, ppt, doc, jpeg, odp, text, odt, xls, ods.

The most common files uploaded to application forms are Word or PDF documents, which are accepted files. If the file you’ve uploaded is in an invalid format, you will be alerted within the application.

Apple users – unfortunately Pages documents are not an accepted file format, therefore, you will need to convert your file to a Word or PDF document for an upload. There is also a file size limit of 5120 KB for uploads. If your file exceeds this limit, you will need to reduce the size of your document. A message will appear on the application form if your document exceeds the size limit.

Can I save my application form?

Yes, you can save your application form at any time by selecting the ‘save progress’ button which is located at the top right of your screen.

The system will then prompt you to enter your email address (or check the one you have already entered on the form) and to agree to the privacy statement before saving your application.

Once your application is saved, you will be sent two emails to resume your application. One will contain the link to continue and the other will contains an access code.

When you are ready to continue with your application, you can do so by clicking on the link within the first email received. Your second email will contain your access code to enter into the box provided before you can retrieve your saved application.

Why won't my application form save

If you select ‘save’ and you experience the ‘failed’ message we advise the candidate to continue with their application in one sitting and to submit rather than select the save option.

We have come across this scenario whereby the local internet connectivity is lost during the process hence the information does not save.  Continuing to complete the form and submitting in one go seems to resolve this issue.

The other issue it could be is that the incorrect format has been entered into a field i.e numbers rather than text (vice versa) or to many characters entered into a word count space. Please check the form to make sure all mandatory fields are complete in the correct formats.

Why won’t my application form submit?

In order to successfully submit an application, you will have needed to complete all the mandatory fields within the form – mandatory fields are indicated as ‘required’. The mandatory fields contained within a form can differ from job-to-job, however, if you attempt to submit without completing all the relevant fields, the missing fields will be highlighted at the bottom of the form. By clicking one of the highlighted fields, you will be taken to this field within the application form.

When a field has been completed in the right format, it will be highlighted with a green triangle. Any missing fields or fields which have been completed incorrectly will be indicated in red.

When your application is ready to submit, next to the ‘Submit’ button, you will see a ‘Ready to be sent’ message.

How do I add a new section into my application form?

Under each section where history is required, for example, Employment History, you will see an ‘Add’ button. By clicking this button, you will see a new section entered your application form. If you wish to remove an entry, you can click the ‘x’ icon at the top right of the section.

For ease, it may be best to enter your history details in chronological order to make it easier for the recruiting manager to read. We recommend that you add sections FIRST before typing information in, as sections are added to the bottom rather than the top.

I have applied for a job … 

How do I check details of an application I have made?

​You can access these details from your Candidate Portal.

The link to access the portal will be contained within the automatic reply email you received when you applied for the role, which will also contain a copy of your application form – make sure to check your ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ folders if you don’t see the email sitting in your inbox.

Note that all applications submitted through the site go directly to the recruiter of the job you applied for, so if you need to amend any details within your application or would like an update on the selection process of the role, you will need to contact the recruiter directly.  You can find details of the recruiter through our Search recruiters functionality.

I have submitted my application form but need to make changes

You are only able to submit one application per vacancy, so please ensure you thoroughly review prior to submitting. Should you require any amendments to be made once the application is submitted, we would ask you to contact the recruiter direct. All of our recruiters can be found under the Recruiters A-Z section

How do I know if my application has been submitted successfully?

Once you click ‘Submit’, you should see a message on screen thanking you for completing your application.  Shortly after, you will receive an auto-reply email to the email address stated on your application confirming receipt which will contain a copy of your application form and a link to access your Candidate Portal.

Dependent on the traffic to the site, sometimes this email can take a little longer than expected to be sent, so please allow a 2-hour window for this email to come through.

My application form isn’t showing my personal details

Please be aware that several organisations who host an online application form may have functionality in place which anonymises incoming online applications to adhere to policies they have in place.

This means, when a copy of your application form is generated and sent to you via email, if the organisation has this functionality switched on, you may see that your personal details are replaced with the text ‘Private question’.

As your personal details have been removed from your application, when contacting the organisation, you may be asked to confirm details from your application form, such as mobile telephone number or national insurance number to identify your form.  You can, however, quote your candidate number, which you can find on a copy of your application form.

I have accidentally withdrawn from a position that I want to apply for. What can I do?

If you have accidentally withdrawn from a position which has now closed, you will need to contact the recruiter you applied to.  All of our recruiters can be found under the Search recruiters section.

If the closing date has not passed for the role you applied to, then you can simply re-apply for the role.

Note that applications which are withdrawn will be removed from our system after 14-days for information security purpose, so please ensure that you re-apply or contact the recruiter before this timeframe.

I have submitted an application but cannot see it on my Candidate Portal

​When you’ve applied for a role, please allow up to 2 hours for your portal to update to show the role you have applied for.

If after this time you still can’t see the application within your Candidate Portal, check to see if you have received an email confirming receipt of your application.  If this hasn’t been received, please get in touch with the team via our Contact us section.